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  • Date:2023-02-20

Population aging is one of the present social phenomena and issues like long-term care thus becomes an important task that requires immediate attention and efforts. Until the end of April in 2022, there were 22000, people over 65 years old in the Kinmen . Being the only public social welfare organization in the county, we should act immediately to provide caring services for the elders in responding to its increasing needs in the presence of an aging society. 

Being guided and supported by officers at all levels, we will continue to work with the spirit of “respect the parents and the seniors of the others as you do for your own, and love the children and juniors of the others as you do for your own”. We will strive to promote the welfare services of “caring for the elders” and “nourishing and educating the children” so that the elders are cared for, the adults can make full use of their talents, and the children are brought up with education. Widows, widowers, abandoned orphans and elders, the disabled and the diseased are all well taken care of.

Under the administrative goal of the County Magistrate  to “develop social security and create a peaceful society”, we have carried out government’s welfare of caring for the minority group and fostered a sound and harmonious society by actively expanding our home scale and functions, encouraging the elders to move in and be cared for, and reinforcing caring services for the children and the youth. We continue to enhance our caring services for the elders with love, patience and sincerity, make their remaining life enjoyable with plenty of leisure activities, and improve our caregivers’ expertise to provide high quality services. Furthermore, we take “humanizing the counseling services and management, modernizing the facilities and equipments, diversifying the leisure activities and professionalizing the caring services” as our targets to achieve. All the efforts we made are to build up a ‘warm loving’ world of Great Harmony.