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  • Date:2023-02-20

Our 112th Annual Policy Plan:

1. Elderly business services

Life care and service.
Medical care, service.
Planning and execution of leisure and entertainment activities.
Festival planning and execution.
Birthday party, kinship meeting and symposium activities.
Observe the planning and execution of visiting activities.
Counseling education for norms of daily life.
Resident Evergreen Conference.
Consolation money, living expenses and welfare services.
Health check.
Case management and psychological counseling.
Food evaluation management.
Elderly item management.
Deal with the aftermath of the death of the elder.
Volunteer service business promotion.
  2. Administrative business services

Enhance website information update.
Strengthen telephone courtesy supervision and inspection.
Provide residents with a high-quality home environment and safe drinking water.
Handle annual festival self-leisure activities for inmates.
Handle outsourcing work planning and improve the quality of life of children in service homes.
Meal management.
Regular environmental inspection work.
Campus beautification, facilities and equipment management and maintenance.
  3. Childcare business services

Actively counsel children of disadvantaged groups to accept government placement and education.
Construction of management system for children and juvenile placement institutions.
life coaching.
academic counseling.
Recreational planning.
Food, clothing, housing, transportation management.
Self-improvement activity program design and implementation.
Publicity of life precautions during winter and summer vacations.
Promotion of voluntary service business.
Review and issue of various scholarships and grants.
Planning and implementation of festival activities.
Birthday party and kinship party activities.
Children's health check.
Home visits.
Regular records of domestic children's cases.